We are a community organization that is owned and managed by the local community


About Us

Vusizwe Foundation is a registered NPO, based in kwaZangashe near Dutywa. Our organization first existed as a school of thought, a vehicle through which we engaged on social discourse, writing and research with a special focus on Heritage, Arts, Culture & Customary Law.

Oral History and various indigenous knowledge sources have been of great influence to us. Our works sterms from a passion of writing, translated into action since 2013 when we were compelled to dirty our hands and work on the ground.





  • To champion socio-economic development in areas of disadvantaged rural communities by means of using skills transfer and initiating sustainable projects as main economic drivers
  • An Educated, Peaceful and Healthy Society in which every person lives with dignity and prosperity


  • To facilitate personal development and the enhancement of Health, Social Living and working conditions of people in the surrounding area through Development, Education, Raising Awareness & Mentoring

Our Gallery


  • Community Development
  • Agriculture
  • Clean energy programmes
  • Water & food security
  • Education
  • Attracting tourism
  • Enticing volunteers to the area, to impart knowledge, skills and contribute in community development.

Our Stats

17+Years of activity history
60+Research Articles
40KDirect & Social Media Reach