About Us

Vusizwe Foundation is a registered NPO, based in kwaZangashe near Dutywa. Our organization first existed as a school of thought, a vehicle through which we engaged on social discourse, writing and research with a special focus on Heritage, Arts, Culture & Customary Law.

Oral History and various indigenous knowledge sources have been of great influence to us. Our works sterms from a passion of writing, translated into action since 2013 when we were compelled to dirty our hands and work on the ground.

We are aware of our need to be integrated as the African continent hence at Vusizwe Foundation we do not limit ourseves to a particular village, town or region. Vision 2063 of the African continent is upon as and there is even a greater need to accelerate this African dream of a united and cohesive Africa.

We are a community organisation that:

  • Are owned and managed by the local community
  • Aim to achieve the sustainable regeneration of a community or address a range of economic, social, environmental and cultural issues within a community
  • Are independent but seek to work in partnership with other private, public and third sector organisations
  • Aim to reduce dependency on grant support by generating income through enterprise and the ownership of assets. All trading surpluses are principally reinvested in the organisation or the community.
  • The trust was established to tackle local issues and to improve the quality of life in our community.
  • We plan to become involved in a very wide range of activities for the purpose of upliftment and progress in our area.


To champion socio-economic development in areas of disadvantaged rural communities by means of using skills transfer and initiating sustainable projects as main economic drivers.

An Educated, Peaceful and Healthy Society in which every person lives with dignity and prosperity


To facilitate personal development and the enhancement of Health, Social Living and working conditions of people in the surrounding area through Development, Education, Raising Awareness & Mentoring.



Our Team

An organization owned and managed by the community.

Jongisilo Pokwana


Alungile Pokwana

Trustee & Tribal Office Director

Patrick Miller


Scelo Buthelezi



Our Objectives

THE TRUST pays special focus on rural areas, women empowerment, youth projects and where there are high concentration of historically disadvantaged people. Its projects target 5 specific sectors:

1. Community Development: To provide development to Community Based Organizations and individuals to build capacity and solve community based issues.

strong emphasis on women and youth development and skills transfer.
2. Relief:  To enhance the living standards of people by establishing technical institutions and arranging funds for the poor to enable them to start small businesses.strong emphasis on Agriculture and Arts and Culture as socio-economic drivers

3. Education:  To strive towards equal and good quality education by establishing community schools, enhance the condition of existing schools.
strong emphasis on providing additional exposure to English language, computer literature, mathematics, sciences and small business development

4. Awareness:  To work on awareness regarding education, health, environment, women’s rights, enhancement of living standards and other issues of concern.

5. Mentoring and skills development:  Creating opportunities, counselling and guidelines for continuous improvement in Education, Community Development, Agriculture, Clean energy programmes, Attracting tourism and Enticing volunteers to the area.

We Are Social